Friday, October 25, 2013

The Work Bench

Well my work bench is close to being done, just wanted to post what I have done so far...

I took one of the huge electrical wire spools that the electric company uses.  They give them away when they are done with them, which makes this work bench cheap.

Here is a picture of a medium sized spool.
I used a large one for the work bench.
I sorry but I did not take pictures as I was going, but the process is pretty easy.
Step 1- remove center bolts that hold the whole thing together.
Step 2-used Sawzall to cut it through the diameter
Step 3- Slap some legs on it, I used some 2 x 6's donated by my brother-in-law Mike for the back legs and two of the boards that make up the center of the spool for the front legs.

Here are some pictures of the mostly finished work bench

This last picture is the top of the work bench, it's kind of rough. I am going to purchase some tile from the local Habitat restore to put on top to smooth things out ..

Well that is about it for this post.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Sable Wolf's Den ;)