Sunday, November 3, 2013

Setting up my bread board

Bread boards
I bought these SYB-120 bread boards from Ebay.

Laying out the holes for the bread boards.
I wanted to mount them on a piece of oak I have but unfortunately it was two small. In the process of stripping an old computer case, I found a solution. The top of the case was removable and with a little bit of lay out work, I think it will work really well.

Test fitting 


Then I test fitted the bread boards, So far so good. :)

The hardware I used to mount the bread boards includes.

12 #6 x  3/4" screws
12 #6 washers
12 #8 Lock washers

Mounting my Arduino

Next I want to mount my Arduino as close to the bread boards as possible.

 To mount the Arduino I am using these mother board mounting pegs.

Fitting the Arduino.

This picture shows the fitting to the Arduino.

Ready for paint

Now with the fitting all done, I have sanded the top of the case to prepare for painting.

Painted computer case top

All painted and ready to permanently mount the bread boards.

All Finished

Here is the finished setup.


Unfortunately I broke one of the mother board mounting pegs while trying to bolt it to the computer case top. So I decided it would probably be better not to permanently mount the Arduino. So I decided to use the fuzzy part of velcro to hold it in place while I am prototyping. 

Here it is the finished product.

The BoM

3- SYB-120 bread boards $2.45 each $7.35 total
12- Bulldog part number MS-160 $.72  nuts and bolts*
12- Bulldog part number NW-230 $.24 lock washers*
12- Bulldog part number NW-220 $.24 washers*
1- Computer case top  free.

Grand total of  $8.55

*Note the packages of Bulldog parts were $.97 each and came with more than I needed for this project. Calculations above are for what I used..

Sable Wolf

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